Food and drinks to go – without any packaging waste

RECUP and REBOWL is Germany’s largest reusable packaging system for food service businesses. Join now and be a part of it!

For consumers: Easy to use

1. Order

Order a drink to-go or a take-away meal in a RECUP or a REBOWL and deposit €1 or €5.

2. Enjoy

Enjoy your drink or your food to go – without any packaging waste.

3. Return

Return your borrowed RECUPs and REBOWLs at any partner location in Germany and get your deposit back.

Find RECUP and REBOWL partners near you

Our deposit system for take-away food and drinks to-go is available at over 20.000 locations throughout Germany. Check out partners near you:

Looking for a partner? You can also find all REBOWL and RECUP locations in our app:

For restaurants: Why should I offer RECUP and REBOWL?

Strengthen your image

As a RECUP/REBOWL partner, you are visible as a pioneer for waste avoidance: your guests will love being able to enjoy your drinks and food without feeling guilty about packaging waste.

Safe money

It only takes 6 REBOWL uses / 12 RECUP uses a day to start saving money compared to the use of disposable packaging.

Avoid waste

RECUP and REBOWL are the alternative to single-use packaging: Each RECUP can replace up to 1,000 single-use cups and each REBOWL up to 500 single-use bowls.

The right product for every use case

RECUP: The reusable cup

Our reusable cups are available in the sizes 0.2l, 0.3l, 0.4l and 0.5l. They were specially developed to meet the demands of the gastronomy:

REBOWL: The reusable bowl

Our bowls are available as REBOWL (1100ml), REBOWL with a divider and REBOWL (550ml). They were developed to meet the demands of the gastronomy:

And it's that easy for you as a gastronomy-partner:

  1. Borrow RECUPs and REBOWLs: Our partner platform offers a shop section where you can borrow the cups and bowls you need. You will also find different POS materials to promote the system to your customers.
  2. Give your costumers the reusable products: You give your customers take-out packaged in RECUPs and REBOWLs and ask for a deposit of €1 per cup or €5 per bowl.
  3. Return and reuse: You take back used RECUPs and REBOWLs and return the deposit. You then clean them like normal dishes in the dishwasher and put them back into the cycle.

Save costs and waste with our reusable packaging system

Find out now how much unnecessary costs and waste you can save by using our reusable products.

* 12 cents is the average price per disposable cup in Germany.
* 25 cents is the average price per disposable bowl in Germany.

Note: Delivery costs are not included in this calculation.

600 fewer disposable cups and
400 fewer disposable bowls
for the environment.

This calculation refers to
a 12-month contract duration.
In addition, you pay a deposit of
600 € for the reusable products.

You save around
400 €
every year.

REvolution now

It’s literally in our hands. With RECUP and REBOWL we are in the middle of a packaging REvolution! 

Why a REvolution? There are 13 billion good reasons why. That is the number of disposable cups and packaging consumed in Germany every year in the to-go sector. Each RECUP can replace up to 1,000 disposable cups.

Every REBOWL can replace up to 500 disposable packaging units. Find out here how much waste and Co2 is produced every year because huge amounts of disposable packaging are produced and thrown away:

The spark

Every revolution starts with a spark. Our revolution was fueled by overflowing trash cans and towers of paper cups. It will only expire when disposable items are completely superfluous and action has evolved from a revolutionary idea into an indispensable, sustainable requirement. Until then, we’ll tackle the huge pile of packaging waste in Germany and our entire team works every day to make disposable packaging disappear from the scene. And we do that with a lot of passion, panache, togetherness, transparency and fun!

Houston, we have a problem!

To be more precise: we have 13 billion problems because of every single disposable packaging unit that is consumed and thrown away in Germany every year.

Spoiler Alert: We have the solution…

4.5 billion meal boxes

Every year, Germans throw away 4.5 billion meal boxes for take-away and delivery food. That is more than 12 million boxes every day, around 512,000 every hour, 8,500 boxes per minute and 142 boxes every second that end up in the trash.

5.8 billion beverage cups

 5.8 billion disposable cups for hot and cold drinks end up in trash cans every year. That’s almost 16 million cups a day, 660,000 cups an hour, 11,000 cups a minute and around 184 cups a second.

paul-schellekens-c-R885Oc7k0-unsplash (1)

2.7 billion disposable plates

Annually: 2.7 billion plates

Daily: 7.4 million plates

Every hour: 308,000 plates

Every minute: 5,100 plates

Every second: 85 plates

... that means huge amounts of annual CO2 emissions and waste: just because of disposable cups and disposable boxes.

830.000 tons of CO2

The consequence of CO2 emissions is, that the average temperature is rising, the poles are melting, sea levels are rising and we are experiencing more extreme weather on our planet Earth. With the use of reusable cups, we can avoid not only kilos, but even tons of CO2 every year.

190.000 tons of waste

Disposable beverage cups and food boxes create 190,000 tons of waste each year. When you consider how light such a packaging unit usually is, this heavy load is difficult to imagine. Here’s a comparison: 190,000 tons of waste corresponds to the weight of around 157,000 VW Golfs.


With RECUP we are paying towards
the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

Let's save this gigantic mountain of resources together and avoid this enormous pile of packaging waste!

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